Mr. Divis' Classroom


 1 credit - Level 3/4

Grade 12

This semester-long course is designed to provide students with an intense focus on a few selected specific topics that other Social Studies courses have not been able to devote as much attention to. Topics vary based on student and teacher interest, but are mainly focused on current events and controversial social and political issues, including topics like capital punishment and marijuana legalization. There is a focus on constitutional law in each section in understanding the legal history and status of each issue.  A major component of the course is students learning to have an educated opinion in regards to controversial topics and discussing and debating these topics intelligently while respecting others points of view.

*Dual Enrollment: This course is offered as a Dual Enrollment course through the Community College of Vermont (CCV). Dual Enrollment courses are opportunities for high school students to earn both high school credit and college credit tuition free.  For Dual Enrollment, the CCV course that Senior Seminar will correspond with is Global Social Problems (SOC 2010). To earn college credit, there is no additional work that students have to do beyond the high school course requirements and expectations.  Students simply have to sign up and enroll in Vermont’s Dual Enrollment Program. For more info on Vermont’s Dual Enrollment Program, please visit

*Level 4 Honors:  This course is also offered as an Honors level course.  Students have the opportunity to take advantage of extra learning experiences during class, independently, and after school to learn about each of our topics more in depth.  Students will have different assessments, including essays, presentations, and tests than the rest of the class, and they will be expected to attend mandatory after school films, as well.

General Course Information:

Unit 5

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