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 1½ credit - Level 5

Grade 12

Advanced Placement (AP) European History is year-long course which engages students in a thorough study of the events and ideas important to the understanding of the developments critical to an in-depth analysis of European History beginning with the Renaissance and ending with present times. It parallels the course description of the Advanced Placement Program, preparing students for a national examination in May, which determines eligibility for college credit.  Lectures, discussions, primary source readings, novels, presentations, and various types of in-depth writing assignments comprise the major learning experiences provided. 

This course includes several mandatory after-school sessions with the teacher throughout the year.

PrerequisiteUpon successful completion of a teacher-determined summer reading and writing assignment, students will demonstrate the ability to read and write at an Advanced Placement level and be able to understand specific course-related concepts that will be covered on the first day of class and throughout the course.  Prior to the beginning of this course, a student must also meet with the teacher to review course expectations. 

General Course Information:

1st Semester:

*1st Semester Course Reader*

Mid-Term Exam:

Module 9:
Ideologies and Upheaval (1815-1850)

Module 8:
French Revolution and Napoleonic Era (1789-1815)

Module 7: 

Module 7:
Changing Life of the People (1700-1800)

Module 6: 
The Scientific Revolution and the Enlightenment (1648-1800)

Module 5:  Age of Absolutism (1648-1750)

Module 4:  Age of Religious Warfare (1500-1648)

Module 3:  Reformation (1500-1648)

Module 2: Exploration and Conquest (1450-1650)

Module 1: The Late Medieval Era and the Renaissance (1450-1550)



1st Semester research paper and presentation

2nd Semester:

Unit 15:  Module 16:  Collapse of the Cold War (1968-1993)

Module 15:
World War II and the Origins of the Cold War (1939-1968)
Age of Anxiety (1919-1939)

Module 13:  War and Revolution (1914-1919)

Unit 12:
The West and the World (1815-1914)

Unit 11:
Nationalism (1850-1914)
Unit 10: Industrialization and its Impact (1780-1850)3rd Quarter:

  French Revolution PSA (Jan. 2011)

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