Mr. Divis' Classroom


-course information, lessons, and assessments can be found by logging in to the course website on VTVLC

Current Unit:  Marijuana Legalization

What we did today:  

-class field trip to the Brattleboro Museum and Art Center


-Elected officials e-mail (due Mon.)
-PSA (due Tues.)

Long-term assignments:
-Gun Control art assignment (DUE: TBD)

-Level 4 - 1st Quarter Research Paper
  • Final copy (Oct. 28)
-Level 4 - C-SPAN StudentCam documentary
  • Research complete (Oct. 21)
  • Interviews scheduled (Nov. 7)
  • Script complete (Dec. 9)
  • Filming complete (Dec. 19)
  • Final product (Jan. 3)
-Level 4 - Sen. Sanders State of the Union Essay Contest (Jan. 11)

Upcoming assignments:
-Field trip on Mon., Nov. 21 to the State House for a Legislative Role Play

Current Unit:
  Module 4: Age of Religious Warfare (1500-1648)

What we did today:  

-discussed England's religious conflict during the Tudor dynasty


-read p. 388-414 in your textbook
-read Utopia (Tues.)
-Utopia video trailer (DUE: Mon., Oct. 31)

Long-term assignments:
-1st Semester Research Paper and Presentation
  • Final copy of your essay (Jan. 3)
  • Presentations begin (Jan. 4)
Upcoming assignments: 
-Film night: Elizabeth (Fri. @ 2:15pm)
-Age of Religious Warfare LEQ

Mr. Craig M. Divis

~2010 Vermont Teacher of the Year~

 Social Studies Teacher/Department Coordinator             Phone:  802-463-3944 ext. 263
 Bellows Falls Union High School, Vermont                        E-mail:

*Erin Carlson will be interning with me this school year through Marlboro College Graduate School's Spark Teacher Education Institute.  Please feel free to contact her at


1st semester schedule

1st Block (8:00-9:27am):           

Planning/Learning Lab

2nd Block (9:53-11:20am):

              VTVLC Global Studies

3rd Block (11:23-12:47pm): 

Senior Seminar

4th Block (1:18-2:45pm): 

A.P. European History

Mr. Divis with President Obama in the White House Oval Office (April 29, 2010)

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