Mr. Divis' Classroom


-course information, lessons, and assessments can be found by logging in to the course website on VTVLC

Current Unit:  Gun Control

What we did today:  

-discussed how the US compares to other countries in regards to gun ownership and violence



Long-term assignments:

-Level 4 - 2nd Quarter Research Paper

  • Rough draft (optional) (Dec. 19)
  • Final essay (Jan. 6)

-Level 4 - C-SPAN StudentCam documentary

  • Script complete (Dec. 9)
  • Filming complete (Dec. 19)
  • Final product (Jan. 3)
-Level 4 - Sen. Sanders State of the Union Essay Contest (Jan. 11)

Upcoming assignments:

Current Unit:
  Module 8:French Revolution and the Napoleonic Era (1789-1815)

What we did today:  

-discussed the causes of the French Revolution


-read p. 592-624 in your textbook
-Irish Potato Famine reverse DBQ (due Mon.)

Long-term assignments:
-1st Semester Research Paper and Presentation
  • Final copy of your essay (Jan. 3)
  • Presentations begin (Jan. 4)
Upcoming assignments: 
-French Revolution DBQ
-French Revolution music video

Mr. Craig M. Divis

~2010 Vermont Teacher of the Year~

 Social Studies Teacher/Department Coordinator             Phone:  802-463-3944 ext. 263
 Bellows Falls Union High School, Vermont                        E-mail:


1st semester schedule

1st Block (8:00-9:27am):           

Planning/Learning Lab

2nd Block (9:53-11:20am):

              VTVLC Global Studies

3rd Block (11:23-12:47pm): 

Senior Seminar

4th Block (1:18-2:45pm): 

A.P. European History

Mr. Divis with President Obama in the White House Oval Office (April 29, 2010)

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